Admission Process


Thank you for your interest in Maria Montessori International School. We are providing a summary of the requirements for admission.

Admission process in MMIS has two sub categories – evaluation and enrollment.

Evaluation is meant to screen all applicants who apply in MMIS. Enrollment begins when the applicant has passed the evaluation process.

We hope that you find the information that you will need to begin admission at MMIS.


Evaluation For New Students only

Submit all requirements to the Registrar prior to paying for the Testing Fee and Scheduling of Test




1. Photocopy of PSA issued birth certificate**
2. Medical Certificate**
4. MMIS form E-01**
5. MMIS form E-02 (applicable to applicants with previous schooling)**
6. MMIS form E-03**
7. Photocopy of latest report card Form 138 with second or third grading grades and LRN (applicable to applicants with previous schooling)**
8. Certificate of good moral character (applicable to applicants with previous schooling)**
9. Baptismal certificate (for catholics only) *
10. NCAE result (For Senior High) Senior High only
11. For foreign students:  
a. Original and photocopy of Transcript of Records  
a.1. Translated to English for students from Non-English speaking Countries.
a.2. Preferably stating the next academic level of the child
b. Photocopy of the passports of the student and parents**
c. IELTS Band score of 6 (Foreign Applicants fron Non-English speaking countries) Senior High Only


Information on the Age Requirements

 Age by August 31


2 years old


3 years old


4 years old


5 years old

Grade 1

6 years old


Admission Checklist: Download form here

Evaluation forms (E-Forms): E01, E02 and E03

Enrollment Forms (A-Forms): A01, A02, A03 and A04

Pre-school List of Requirements (R-01): [Coming Soon]

Elementary and High School List of Requirements (R-01): [Coming Soon]

MMIS Books Price List (R-02): [Coming Soon]

MMIS Grade and Junio High School Uniform (R-03A): Download details here

MMIS Senior High School Uniform (R-03B): Download details here

Girl Scout and Boy Scout Uniform (R-04): Download details here

Opening of classes reminders (R-05): Download details here

Bus/Carpool Service Information (R-06): Service Information, Service Policy

English Book Report List (R-07): [Coming Soon]