Health Talk for the Preschool

Event Category: Gorordo Campus Events
Event Date: July 2017 Activities

In line with the Nutrition Month Celebration, the Preschool Department conducted a Dental and Health Talk last July 14, 2017. The Prep Head invited the school nurse to give a talk to all preschool pupils. There were two different sessions of the talks, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Nurse Miszh started her talk with a short discussion on a list of foods to be eaten for children. She showed a Power Point presentation on the effects of junk foods to one’s body. She also shared a video on the proper way of brushing the teeth. Her activity was short but very interesting because the children were asked to participate through hand signals. The activity was very fruitful.

2017 - Health Talk for the Preschool Gorordo