Lutong Pinoy

Event Category: Gorordo Campus Events
Event Date: August 2017 Activities

The preschool children gathered together for morning and afternoon sessions respectively in the Pre-Kinder classroom. T. Janet, gave a short lecture and power point presentation to the pupils on understanding the Filipino people, our ancestors and our culture. The power point included showing pictures of our National symbols. The lecture was made simply for the children to understand. The Filipino language was also used to communicate which indeed proved to be very hard for the children to understand. Nonetheless, T. Janet endeavored to speak our own National Language for the children to be exposed of.

In addition, T. Janet introduced vegetables in Filipino which serve as ingredients for eating vegetable soup or “utan”. She showed the finished product itself which was the “utan” and encouraged the preschoolers to eat such food to make them strong, healthy and beautiful.

2017 August Gorordo - Lutong Pinoy