Prep Teachers’ Montessori Workshop

Event Category: Institutional Events
Event Date: July 2017 Activities

Trainings and Workshops are important to enhance teachers’ performance. In MMIS, the Montessori Material Workshop is held simultaneously to the Mid-Quarterly PTCs (4 times a year) in Grade School and Junior High School since the Preschool Department does not have any Conference schedule in the middle of a quarter in order to hone the skills of the preschool teachers in working with the Montessori materials. For the first two workshops (First Semester), the Director, Miss Mia Villamor-Young will facilitate and spearhead the giving of inputs and new trends of the Montessori method in Talamban Campus.

Last July 15, 2017, the 1st Teachers’ Montessori Workshop was done.

Prep Teachers' Montessori Workshop - NEW