Senior High Bootcamp

Event Category: Talamban Campus Events
Event Date: June 2017 Activities

MMIS Senior High Boot camp is a 3-day activity that involves several indoor and outdoor activities designed to give a holistic and fun orientation for the students in the Senior High School. This activity happened last June 14 – 16, 2017 at the Senior High Wing, participated by the Senior High students. The following are the activities done during the boot camp:

  • First day – students’ enlisting for a specific strand and organization as their basis for their assignment to a specific group throughout the camp
  • Second day – students’ participating in various activities which were divided into different learning stations
  • Third day – filled with inspirations, motivations and some loads of information regarding the MMIS Senior High School; MMIS alumni were invited to have a pep talk on giving insights on how their MMIS-developed values have helped them get to where they are now
Senior High Bootcamp