Senior High Campus Organization and Election of Officers

Event Category: Talamban Campus Events
Event Date: July 2017 Activities

Starting this Academic Year 2017 - 2018, the Senior High School has shifted its paradigm in ensuring that the students’ leadership potential is nurtured and that their rights and responsibilities as part of the MMIS community are properly exercised. Instead of the Supreme Students Government, the Senior High School is adapting the Campus Organizations setup where students are required to join a campus organization according to their chosen strand, future career of choice, and interests. There are four existing organizations which are outlined as follows: Pioneers in Sciences (PIS), Technology, Engineering, Architecture and Mathematics Society (TEAMS), Future Accountants and Businessmen, and Holistic Upbringing of Man and the Social Sciences (HUMSS).

Last July 7, 2017, a campus organizations rally was conducted to give the running parties an avenue to present their platforms. The rally was facilitated by the teacher-facilitators of each campus organization. An election was immediately conducted after the rally by having the members write their votes in an official ballot. The counting of ballots was immediately done after and new sets of officers for Academic Year 2017-2018 were declared. These officers will be inducted into office on July 28, 2018 during the Senior High School Acquaintance Party at the MMIS CTV Hall.

Senior High Campus Organization and Election of Officers - July 2017