Greenwich Pizza Camp (Preschool) Talamban

Event Category: Talamban Campus Events
Event Date: July 2017 Activities

When parties and get-togethers are held for any occasion, pizza is the most common food served, because it's so easy to eat! It has been one of the most common foods in the world for centuries now, and it will continue to be because of its wonderful taste and importance to the food world.

Eating pizza is just as good as making one. Introducing children to pizza-making is a very good avenue for them to gain knowledge and insights on the food world. This way, they can apply what they have learned on basic food groups in the classroom to an outdoor experience. The Kindergarten Pizza Making Camp was held last July 28, 2017 at Greenwich Raintree Mall and participated by all Kindergarten pupils, supported by the parents. It was a day full of learning and fun.

Greenwich Pizza Camp (Preschool) Tal